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Delicious Recipes from our Chefs

Featured Recipe

Sweet Pea Soup

Enjoy this fresh and beautiful pea soup from SAIT Chef Hayato Okamitsu.

Borrowed from our Season's cookbook, we'd like to share with you some of our chef's favourite recipes to enjoy with family & friends. Each month we'll feature a new dish that we hope will inspire you to create great food & conversation at the table.

Brined Turkey with Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce

Impress your guests this holiday season with a twist on the classic roasted turkey recipe. By Chef Michael Dekker

Bobbing for Apples

Impress your guests with this perfect fall cocktail. By Chef Madeleine MacDonald

Salmon Wellington

Elevate your dining experience with this classic family favourite. By Chef Jan Hansen

Savoury Granola

Eat the granola on its own or use it to dress up other healthy snacks like salad and yogurt. By Chef Kelsey Oudendag

Fruit & Nut Energy Truffles

A healthy and affordable snack to help relieve your sweet cravings. By Chef Kelsey Oudendag

Holiday Cranberry Chutney

Elevate your classic cranberry sauce with a versatile cranberry chutney. By Chef Michael Mandato

Pakora & Mint Chili Chutney

Hot and crispy, vegetable pakora is the perfect comfort food on a cold or rainy day. By Chef Michael Mandato

Prosciutto, Apple and Arugula Sandwich

Upgrade your typical sandwich spread to fresh and fabulous. By Chef Mikael Volke

Kalbi Chicken Tacos with Red Onion Salsa

Great anytime, this dish is a refreshing twist to a family favourite. By Chef Ian Cowley