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November 22, 2017

Breakfast Menu

7am - 10am Made-To-Order Omelets- $6
Breakfast Sandwiches with Daily Features - $6
Gourmet Oatmeal Bar - Small $2 Large $2.75
Featured Frittata – Changes Daily – Gluten Free - $3.50

Lunch Menu

11am - 1pm Rotisserie - Chinese Meatballs w/Peanut Slaw $9, Signature Prime Rib $10.5
Braise - Marsala Pork Tenderloin $9.5, Chicken Canja Stew $9.5 Two sides are included.
Saute - Korean Pork w/Kimchi Fried Rice $8.5, Perogies w/Caramelized Onions $8.5
Boulangerie - Why not Wednesday is upon us! Come on in a see what our bakery is whipping up to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Today's Soups - Carrot Ginger, Hot & Sour
Another delicious recipe from our chefs: Harvest Potato and Fennel Soup. A delicious and memorable soup your guests will remember.

Dinner to Go Menu

10am on - as available Balsamic Chicken Dinner For 2 - $14
Bhutuwa Chicken Dinner For 2 - $14
Beef Kafta Dinner For 2 - $14

Want to learn more about our offerings? Take a look at our upcoming cooking classes!

The Market

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Where we are

We are located at 226, 230 - 8 Ave SW, Calgary. Click above for directions using Google maps and more information

We are located at 226, 230 - 8 Ave SW, Calgary, AB. Click map for directions and parking information