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Baking Basics

With the help of our world-class baking instructors, learn how to transform your home kitchen into a bakery. Our wide variety of baking and pastry classes will teach you everything from preparing the perfect pie and loaf of bread to complex confectionaries.

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Cooking Fundamentals

To be a great cook, you must first learn the basics! These crash courses are perfect for both beginner and accomplished cooks looking to build their kitchen repertoire.

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Cooking Techniques

Join our culinary instructor for hands-on cooking classes on the skills every cook needs in their repertoire. Courses include: knife skills, soups and stocks, sauces, braising and roasting.

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Couples Cooking Classes

Ignite your passion for great food and great conversation with the person you adore. Spend quality time in the kitchen, learn a new recipe and connect over a delicious meal you’ve prepared together. These classes are fun, romantic and memorable.

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Featured Cooking Classes

Catch these cooking classes while you can. These seasonal and specialized culinary courses are not offered all the time so sign up now!

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Rush Hour

Avoid traffic and spend that extra 30 minutes downtown at SAIT's Culinary Campus learning how to prepare a fast, wholesome meal for your family at one of our Rush Hour cooking demonstration classes.

It gets better - we'll even do your grocery shopping for you. As part of your registration you'll receive all the ingredients you need to recreate the dish for two when you get home. Bon appetit!

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Tour of the World

Learn from chefs who have traveled the world and found spectacular dishes to share with you. These cooking classes focus on one particular ethnic cuisine and all the culinary skills involved.

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We are located at 226, 230 - 8 Ave SW, Calgary. Click above for directions using Google maps and more information

We are located at 226, 230 - 8 Ave SW, Calgary, AB. Click map for directions and parking information